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What is transparency in a relationship? I heard it is important if you want to practice 3. stage, why is that and how do you do it?


Hi M,

3rd stage practice can be a deep spiritual practice you do with or without a partner, you are letting go of what your ego wants and trying to find out how you can serve in the world.

Transparency is a part of it, and it means that you are totally open and honest and transparent about yourself with both yourself and your partner. You do not hide or pretend to be someone else than your are. Often we hide and play games in life, our ego try to find out what is working to get what we want. In 3rd stage you confront your ego, and you let go of what you want and surrender to what is needed from you and what is real for both you and your partner.

E.g. it means that if you are in a relationship, and you are a person liking to be with more than one partner, you just say it. If you agree with your primary partner to have an open relationship, you tell everything your are doing and want to do. You never hide or try to make your partner feel good by not being honest about yourself. It also means that if you have lied to your partner, you will confess it to your partner, so that trust can be re-established. Often in relationships’ we try to behave so the other part like us, we try not to do anything that can upset the other one. In 3rd stage, we trigger the other person from a place of love, to grow and to transform e.g. jealousy…

xx Kat